What's does your water cost every month ?

Not including your water bill, the costs related to  Home water generally includes a water softener with costs like this :

Purchase price $1,000 to $7,000  may or may not include a $1,000 ultra filtration for drinking water (under sink RO system).

Many Companies offer a 10 year warranty with a service contract

48 month payments at 21% interest                $130 per month 

Service  to maintain  warranty                            $50 per month   (about $300

Salt                                                                        $30 per month   (Forever)

Under sink filter replacement                              $20 per month   (Forever)

Bottle Water Gallons or Liters                            $40 per month    (Forever)

Bottle Water pints                                                $40 per month    (Forever)

Moisturizers, Conditioners                                  $ ?  per month     (Forever)

Allergy Medication                                               $ ?  per month     (Forever)

This does not include the thousands of dollars in hospital or medical expenses we believe many people are subject too, because of the chlorine and other toxic chemicals that maybe in home water and causing chemical sensitivity, allergies and immune disorders.