Heart disease and Strokes are NOT caused by cholesterol !

Toxic calcium is the cause.


Doctors and Nutritionist say you need more calcium.  It's not true.  If Doctors and nutritionists new every thing, we would all live forever.

Coral Calcium, Sea Silver and Miracle Waters with Minerals are all Bogus. 

There are only two ways you can get this essential calcium:

  • From the calcium in your diet  
  • From the calcium in your bones

Your body actually tears down and builds bone all of the time in order to make its calcium available for your bodyís functions. If you donít get enough calcium from the food you eat , your body automatically takes the calcium you need from your bones. If your body tears down more bone than it replaces over time it will cause the crippling bone disease called "osteoporosis. 25 million American women have some degree of osteoporosis; the disease will affect one-third to one-half of post-menopausal women, and 5 million American men suffer from osteoporosis.

Here is the surprise, there are two, basic forms of calcium. One good the other very bad. This is a well kept secret in the Medical and Water industry. Tens of billions of dollars are being made in Hospitals because of heart disease and selling water softeners that use salt to remove the good calcium from water.

1. Calcium Bicarbonate (Very Good)                        

2. Calcium Carbonate (Bad)

This is the difference between the two types of calcium. My wife went in for a checkup, her Doctor said she had osteoporosis and was losing bone mass, he prescribed calcium pills. A few days after taking the calcium she started to get a bone spur on her foot. She called her doctor and he said "she will need to see a foot specialist". I told her to stop taking the calcium. She stopped and the next day her foot was better, three days later the spur was completely gone.

She was taking the Toxic Calcium (Carbonate)

Limestone, clam shells, marble and scale on your plumbing are forms of calcium carbonate. This form of calcium is not soluble in water and is not bio-available. When calcium is taken in the bad form as carbonate or when the body coverts it from the good bicarbonate, it forms "plaque". This plaque builds up in the arteries and leads to heart disease, and cause strokes by restricting blood flow to the brain, it further causes gallstones, kidney stones, buildup in the joints as arthritis and is the hard scale on your teeth it may even be responsible for diabetes and hypoglycemia. Plaque is easily detected by an MIR (Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine) and is more accurate less costly and much safer than an angiogram.

Humans, plants and animals need water with essential minerals for good health.  Some of the minerals  are: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride, copper and iron. The bodies make up of these chemicals are replenished by food and by water.   

When the body has too much or too little of these essential elements or, when toxic chemicals change their structure and function, health is affected and death can be the result.

In the body chlorine reacts with calcium causing it to breakdown and this leads to scale formation (calcification). Calcification occurs when water soluble calcium has been change to hard calcium and this leads to numerous health problems like: Cardiovascular Disease, Strokes, Arteriosclerosis, Pancreatitis, Diabetes, Gallstones, Kidney stones, and the Plaque on your teeth, they are all caused by toxic calcium buildup or plaque.  

Calcification is similar to the scale found in your water heater and plumbing of your home. Plaque calcification results from the interaction of cholesterol, acting as cement, which binds calcium and magnesium it then builds up in health threatening areas of the body.

"Heart smart" diets wonít help, the diet recommended by the American Heart Association causes heart disease! Cholesterol-lowering drugs are not needed, they are expensive and can cause sexual dysfunction, Carpel tunnel and disrupt the bodies basic chemistry.

Angioplasty and bypass surgery the best money makers of all surgical procedures. Many billions of dollars are spent every year for bypass surgery. Bypass, of course, is a very foolish answer to the problem -- it is expensive, harmful to the individual, and doesn't provide very long-lasting relief. I know from experience, I have had By-pass survey and angioplasty twice. After the last angioplasty I left the hospital worse than I went in, a stint was put in the wrong place and could not be corrected.

The truth about this number one killer in America.

The kiss of death is your Doctor saying you have Congestive Heart Disease. An oral food additive taken once or twice a week and can reduce calcium buildup and cleanse your system. It's safe effective and low cost.