Immune Disorders

So many diseases can be attributed to immune system dysfunction that the list is hard to believe. Aids, Allergies, Asthma, Lupus, Psoriasis, MCS, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer to name a few.  Toxic chemicals are responsible for much of the Cancer, Heart Disease, Strokes, Premature Aging and Birth Defects we see. Where do these chemicals come from?  Many hazardous chemicals are in the water we drink, bath, cook with and use every day.  There are so many chemicals in water that it is difficult to keep up with the testing required to set official, safe standards for all of them. The finger is pointed at chlorine as the single most dangerous chemical in the world . 

Think About

The food you eat, is like your body, mostly water. Your food is grown with chemicals, processed with chemicals and treated with water that has been subjected to many and varied forms of chemical contaminants.  When you can't properly deal with these everyday chemical, your immune system malfunctions and your health is affected.   Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a fact once your immune system malfunctions a chain reaction can occur to cause further and more traumatic reactions to a host of other chemical stimulation.

Health is the most important aspect of good living, without good health nothing else really matters.  Take for granted good health and when its gone it is very hard to get it back.